Setting Up Your Website? Use These 2 Steps!

Setting Up Your Website? Use These 2 Steps!
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Setting up your website (By mohamed hassan ia

Today, everything is on the net. Barring some unforeseen disaster, we can safely assume that businesses will continue to grow & thrive on the web. But even today, setting up your website for your business or your company is still taken as a rocket science, when it actually is much, much simpler. In fact, it is so simple that you can do it yourself, without any *ahem*Digital Marketing Agency*ahem* to make you sit down & extort you for the same. How? Let us help you!

1. Is it indexing?

All search engines index websites, on doing which they understand where to show these websites i.e to which search query, which website would be the best suggestion, in descending order. But as we all know, there is just one search engine on the market which matters.

Google’s indexing is pretty much the standard which all websites desire to meet. But even here, there are two things you have to keep in mind. More like two types of online resources.

One, is it a website you are submitting for indexing? Then, you will have to check these boxes, as presented here by ShoutMeLoud. It’s admittedly a bit old, but most of the steps still apply.

Two, is it a blog you are uploading? Now, for both, be it private blog networks or be it just a WordPress blog, you will have to let the world know that you have something new to show. How to do that? This guide by Razor Social will help you, irrespective of whether your blogs are not being indexed or you just opened a new blog.

So, you noticed. Let’s answer that question of yours.

2. How to make a Sitemap extension?

Sitemaps are basically a plan of your website, which Google can easily read, and figure out where it needs to go i.e all the pages on your website/blog which it has to index. Putting a sitemap on your home page or landing page will make sure Google can go through your entire website/blog at one go, making it an important part of setting up your website.

First, prepare your website sitemap here. It’s easy, and can be done in the background.

How to add to Google is the next step. Now, you can do two things here:

1) You can prepare your Google Analytics account. Open it, and add your sitemap here.
Add to Search Console->Crawl->Sitemaps->Add/Test->Submit

2) You can also put the sitemap on your home page. Something like at this shoe brand’s website; (scroll down, next to ‘Blog’)

More ways to make your website better, coming up!

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What else do you think can be done? Let us know in the comments below!

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